Saturday 24 November 2018

A beautiful short message for Parents

Most of the parents are always worried about adequate sleep of their school going children and urge them to go to bed early so that they get up fresh and are not late for the school. This is because of the fact that we are more worried about the school education of our children while totally disregarding their spiritual education and training.

While surfing messages and posts on Twitter today, I came across a beautiful short but mind boggling message. It hit me so deeply that I thought of sharing it with my brother and sisters for it may invoke a new direction in their thinking, specially if they are a parents and have school going children.

The message read:

اپنے بچو کو یہ کہہ کر نہ سُلاٶ کہ بیٹاسو جاٶ کل سکول جانا ہے
 اس طرح ان میں دنیا کی طرف رغبت اور محبت زیادہ ہوگی
 بلکہ انھیں یہ کہہ کر سلاٶ کہ بیٹا سو جاٶ فجر بھی پڑھنی ہے
 اس سے دین سے محبت پیدا ہوگی۔
 الفاظ بدلو سوچ بدلے گی۔

For those who do not understand Urdu text / language, here is the English translation of this beautiful message:
"Do not ask your children to go to bed early for they have to go to school in the morning, for it would invoke in them the love for the world"
Instead tell them that they should go to the bed early for they have to offer the Fajr prayer early in the morning - this will invoke in them love for Deen and Islam"
Change your approach - it will affect a change in the perception of your children.

A simple message that may change the thinking of your children and would regulate their timings to offer prayers in time side by side going to the school in time and finishing home work early to hit the bed to get up early to offer Fajar prayers. Please ponder over it.

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