Sunday 9 December 2018

If We Only Had Time

Sometime back, I visited my city of birth and had plans to call on one of my long lost friends. When I had just reached my guest room, I received a message that my friend had passed away moments ago. I was simply stunned to read the message - but he did not have time more than what was granted to him. I went to his funeral and was thinking that while I had come for some other purpose but Allah had actually called me to  attend my friend's funeral.

We commence each day of our life with renewed vigour and aspirations to do many things. Most of us are worried about earning more than yesterday to realise many of our unfinished plans or to buy a better living for our family and children. And most of our lives is spent in such pursuits. But what we normally forget is the bitter fact that while we may have wealth, would we have TIME?

Life is all about time, not wealth, for Allah has promised us that He would make arrangements for our sustenance and living. But He never promises us to give TIME for it may run out of our lives in the click forward of second showing hand of of our watches.

Stressing the importance of time for the Muslims, the Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: “By time, indeed, mankind is in loss, Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.” (Quran, Surah Al Asr 103: 1-3).

Surely indeed, those who make best use of their time and are never ignorant of their prayers, and righteous deeds to please Allah by remaining on the straight path and helping others and always keep in mind that time may run out of their lives at anytime - a time that will come unannounced. So a true Muslim should be ready all the time to face the day when the time will stop clicking for him.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been quoted as saying: “Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth before you become old; your health, before you fall sick; your wealth, before you become poor; your free time before you become preoccupied, and your life, before your death” (Musnad Imam Ahmad). All these five things hinge on time. For as long as all is going well, we do not know of the hard times that can befall on us at any time. This cautions us to be ready not only to brave out bad times, bad health, or loss of wealth and last of all the time when the life may end suddenly.

So be ready for the end time and always pray for your forgiveness, continuously seek repentance for one's sins or follies and times aimlessly spent in leisure that took us from remembering Allah. Remember, Time is running out !!

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That was both quite sad and a coincidence which you experienced with your late friends. Indeed we are at a loss of time..

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