Monday 8 October 2018

A Racist and Anti Islam Mindset finally finds Solace in Islam

My Ultimate Decision, the name and theme of my blog basically hinges about people of other faiths finally taking their Ultimate Decision of life by discarding their earlier faiths and embracing Islam. I have in the past shared circumstances and reasons by some of those who questioned their beliefs but did not find the satisfying answers till they voluntarily started reading about Islam and the Holy Qur'an when the truth started to unfold on them and took them into the final religion sent by Allah Almighty through Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

I have read many sites of Christianity which outrightly reject Islam as a Divine religion and trying to base their anti Islamic mindset - but when Islam provides answers to the very practicing Christians or those who have become racist with anti Islam mindset, many chose to be come practicing Muslims. In fact better than born Muslims.  

And this post today is of a man who was raised in a family where the father was extremely racist and anti Islam. Naturally, someone living in the United States where every incident of shooting is attributed to "Muslims fundamentalists" if the shooter turns out to be a Muslim and labelled as terrorist, but when a Christian does the same, he or she is simply shrugged of as a case of troubled family or bringing up,

Now back to the story of this young Christian who became a bully and extremely racist and anti Muslim and became was heavily involved in the racist neo-Nazi skinhead movement. But deep inside hi, he always felt bad about what he dis but continued doing so for it also pleased him hurting others. He confides that "I remember a Mexican schoolmate of mine asking me when I was 16 "why do you hang out with those losers, you are better than that." He was right, he recalls, but I guess there was a part of me that, even though I hated my father for what he was doing to the family, that I wanted to be just like him. That is where my racism and hatred came from.

Then by age of 23, he started to seriously think of changing and finding answers to keep his mind at rest. He says: 
During this time the Intifada was raging in Palestine. My father, racist and anti-Semite though he was, had always supported the Jewish state. I now think that he hated Jews, as well as any one else who wasn't white, but he hated the Arabs more than he hated the Jews, so that is why he supported Israel. As I was rethinking everything I was taught when I was younger I decided to take a closer look at this struggle in the Middle East.
So he started reading about history of Middle East and the Arabs, and Islam to see why his father so hated this religion. And as his insight into the Arabs, Middle East and Islam broadened, he started to find answers of the questions that he had had about religion. He says:
From the very beginning some things struck a chord with me and answered doubts I had always had concerning the religion I was raised in. I had always taken issue with the idea that God would ever have offspring. From my reading I recognized this belief as one pulled from pagan sources. Zeus, Odin, and numerous other pagan gods all had children. In the case of Odin, his followers even believed he hung on a tree, much like Christians believe that Jesus (PBUH) hung on a cross. Odinists, the name given to the followers of this ancient Northern European religion, also believed in a trinity of sorts formed by Odin, his son Thor, and his consort Freja. It was clear this innovation of the Christians did not have its basis in God, but in previous pagan beliefs.
The other issue that he had always struggle with was the concept of original sin. The idea that God could be so unjust as to hold himself and everyone else responsible for the sins of others who died thousands of years before me just seemed so unjust. He says:
I had a basic concept of God, and the idea He could be so unjust to do such a thing just did not sit well with me. It always seemed to me that Christians just didn't have the answer to these questions, and if they did, their answers just reinforced these unjust positions.
I looked to Judaism, but that religion offered more questions than answers as well. Their attitude towards the prophets, peace be upon them all, was disgraceful. Their religious texts accused these greatest of men of the most terrible crimes and I refused to believe God would pick such men to lead his people on earth.
If Judaism held such beliefs how could I look to them for guidance?
Reading more  about Islam was like finding a place of tranquility and solace for he finally came to the understanding that Islam had all of the answers, for understanding of Islam cleared up the confusion of the lie of the trinity, and asserted Jesus' (pbuh) true role as a prophet, and not the son of God. Islam revered all of the prophets, peace and blessings of God be upon them, and recognized them for the great people they were. In Islam, and the values it promotes, 

He saw the answer to his problems and questions, and the future of mankind. "The issue was to now try to implement Islam in my life," says Marc Springer, the narrator of his experience of other religions and finally coming home to the world of Islam - the final religion by Allah for the entire mankind till the Day of Resurrection.

Blessed are those like Marc Springer who having experienced their earlier faiths, questioned them and when found no answers, found the same in Islam, in the commandant contained in the Holy Qur'an and the teachings and way of life of the last of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).  Marc Springer later married a Muslim woman with her ancestral linkage to Saudi Arabia and lives a happily married life in Washington DC.

You may read the complete narration of Marc Springer' change of faith from the source given below.

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