Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Understanding Islam: Frequently Asked Q&A

I started this blog about a year ago to share the experiences and personal accounts of the reverts, or  so to say the non Muslims embracing Islam. However, in my quest to know more about how people view Islam, I came across many misconceptions about Islam which persist in minds of many non Muslims, specially the Christians. I have been compiling such misconceptions or questions that non Muslims need to be answered and thought of answering these based on the view points / explanations by some o f the prominent Muslim scholars of all times.

I will share these questions, herein under, and will try to answer these to clear the misconceptions and answer some of the frequently asked questions, some of which I have already written about:
  1. Who is Allah? Is He the same God as that of Jews and Christians?
  2. What are the 99 Attributes of Allah?
  3. Do Muslims Worship the Moon God?
  4. Why Muslims are against the Christian God?
  5. Why Allah Commands Muslims to Kill the Disbelievers?
  6. What is Islam? Is it mentioned in Quran?
  7. If Islam is also a Divine Religion then why  Christianity, Islam and Judaism are hostile to each other?
  8. Why Allah has not Guided All Intrinsically?
  9. Why Islam is called a Deen, and not merely a Religion?
  10. Did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) write Quran?
  11. Did Allah create the world because of Muhammad?
  12. Last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) - 9 Dhul Hajjah 10 AH
  13. Who is a Muslim? 
  14. What are the Traits of a Muslim?
  15. What is the essence of Islamic Teachings in the light of Holy Quran?
  16. What is the Fate of Pious Non Muslims in the Hereafter?
  17. What Islam says about Astrology?
  18. Why Pork is Prohibited in Islam?
  19. Why Muslims sacrifice animals?
  20. What is Status of Women in Islam?
  21. What are Laws of Inheritance in Islam? Why Muslim women are not given their share in inheritance?
  22. Does Islam Preach Racism?
  23. Who are Jinn?
  24. Who are Ahmadis? Are they Muslims? 
  25. How to Perform Hajj - The Hajj Rituals
  26. How can we earn from our daily rituals?
  27. How to perform Umrah?
  28. Concept of Charity in Islam
  29. Who are the Rightful Recipients of Zakat?
  30. What is Itikaf and how it is observed in month of Ramadan?
  31. What is Qareen?
  32. Importance of Month of Muharram and Fasting on Day of Ashura
We shall keep adding questions in addition to the ones quoted above and try to answer in a layman's language. 

You may also refer to our Reference Pages for knowing more about Islam and Quran.

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