Knowledge is never limited to any forum or group. Even individuals have a fair understanding of matters, especially specific to religions. However, no one can claim grasp over complete range of understanding of a particular subject, including interpretation of religions and related matters. Since many aspects in Divine Scriptures are left undefined, the understanding and interpretations of these differ from scholar to scholar, based on their individual knowledge, experience and background.

In this context it may be clarified that Islam: My Ultimate Decision is a personal blog where Islam is presented in a layman's language. And an effort has been made to gather explanation of the surahs of the Holy Qur'an and other related subjects from authentic souses. We also give references from authentic sites from where references are taken to authenticate our content.  But our content is by no means the work of a scholar or an imam.

It is important to understand that since we share explanations from many exegetes / Muslim scholars and experts, there is likely to have variation in their work owing to their individual background and institutions they attend or are part of, years of experience and special field of expertise. This is especially should be the case wherein the advancement in social media has been so rapid and the quest to put across one's viewpoint so abundant both in write ups and videos, that sometimes it become difficult to sift between authentic and unauthentic. Therefore, any variations in explanation and viewpoint should not stir discord and friction among the Muslim Ummah.

Since this blog provides elementary information about Islam, those wanting detailed explanations and tafsir (exegesis), may refer to sites the references of which are given at the end of each post.

It may be reminded again that Islam: My Ultimate Decision is simply a personal blog and is in no way a legal reference. For any matters involving Islamic law and explanation that may be different from the school of thought you are following, please contact a religious scholar or Imam of nearest Islamic Center.


Thank you for the support

Allhamdolillah, it's worth standing in simple terms where a layman can even understand.

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