Friday 15 March 2019

Islamophobia takes lives of dozens of Muslims Worshipers in two Mosques of New Zealand

It was sad day today for the Muslims of Christ Church, New Zealand in particular and Muslims all over the world in general when a white Christian man sprayed bullets over the Muslim worshipers gathered in the Mosques for the Friday congregational prayers. As per reports available, forty-one people were shot dead at the Deans Ave mosque, seven were killed at the Linwood Ave attack, and one person shot in the second mosque attack died in hospital.

The man, who identified himself on Twitter as “Brenton Tarrant” from Australia and whose whose background NSW counter-terrorism police are now investigating after the revelation that he is from Grafton, said he carried out the attack to “directly reduce immigration rates to European lands”.

The terrorist had the nerves and boldness to capture the entire shooting through his helmet mounted camera, the video has been released and is viral on the social media. When he entered the mosque Al Noor, an elderly man greeted him "Come in brother" but was brutally gunned down:
In the video, a man, later identified as Naeem Rashid from Pakistan is seen trying to stop the terrorist but was gunned down. He was taken to hospital but succumbed to his injuries. Naeem's 22 years old son also perished in the attack.
 Naeem Rashid (above) - Trying to get hold of the terrorist (below)

The Bangladesh Cricket Team which was there in the city and its members were arriving at the mosque narrowly escaped and the tour has been canceled. Soon after the deadly news, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described the incident as a terrorist attack and one of New Zealand's "darkest days".

While the world mourns and condemns the terror attack, a senator form Queensland, Australia did not have the sagacity to condemn the attack, rather he blamed Muslims for the conditions they had created that instigated the killer to kill. See the letter that is on the Facebook:
Reading this letter, one can safely conclude that such supporters of anti Muslim sentiments are to be blamed and even held accountable for their writings are a proof of open instigation for all those who are obsessed with Islamophobia.

May all those who perished in the brutal terrorist attack may rest in peace and be blessed the highest place in Jannah. May their families bear this loss with fortitude. Aameen

The question arises: How should Muslims around the world react to such acts of instigative Islamophobic acts? Please read my earlier post of the subject which I wrote some time ago: How should Muslims react to instigative emotional access

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