Wednesday 1 February 2023

Can Desecration of Qur'an stop the spread of Islam

The gory incident desecration of Qur'an recently in Sweden has really disturbed Muslims all over the world, for Qur'an is similarly sacred to Muslims as is Torah to Jews and Bible to Christians. This horrendous act is not the first of its kind, which the non0Muslims around the world undertake under the pretext of freedom of speech and expression.

Such incidents not only show hatred of non-Muslims towards Islam and Muslims, but also show the utter frustration the non-Muslim feel when they see Islam flourishing and spreading despite an intense media war against Islam and Muslims. The Islamophobiac actions such as burning of copies of Qur'an and snatching headscarves from Muslim women are gaining momentum in many non-Muslim countries including USA, Britian and man European countries. 

If any religion was attacked the way Islam is being attacked every day, it would have collapsed by now or may be many years ago. But Islam stands and stands stronger with every day that passes. Besides, over the years Islam has become the fastest growing religion, and perhaps this is one thing that worries the non-Muslims. Although many rubbish the growing numbers and attribute it to a greater number of children being born to Musils, but it seems a lame excuse as the statistics by independent watch group show that more and more non-Muslims are reverting to Islam. A post that I recently posted showed that almost 25,000 Americans revert to Islam each year.

In fact, there are revert experiences where many non-Muslims confessed that they were dead against Islam and considered Qur'an as a fabrication. Many tried to find faults in Qur'an by reading it over and over again, but ending up reverting to Islam. So, this shows that the very basis of media bashing of Islam is losing war against the truth that Islam shows and the guidance that Qur'an provides. It is by reading Qur'an that many non-Muslims come to know that their belief of Jesus being son of God or even at par with God was ill-founded and that Jesus was a revered prophet like Moses, Noah and Muhammad (peace be upon all). They are also astounded to know that Muslims revere Moses and Jesus and keep them in high esteem. 
Please read many posts from our Reference Page: Embracing Islam: The Revert Experiences, where many accounts are given of those who read Qur'an to shoot it down as a false fiction book, but ended up in embracing Islam.
As a response to burning of Qur'an in Sweden, someone announced burring of Torah, which drew strong reaction from the Jews and other non-Muslims. This in fact shows double standards of non-Muslims about Muslims. While they can allow burning of Qur'an at a venue well-guarded by Police so that non-Muslim could intervene with this 'Grant Act of hatred against Muslims," they refuse to allow burning of Torah. Although no Muslim will do it even by compulsion, I think it was a symbolic gesture to show the ugly face of the notion of Freedom of Expression which extremely biased and is leisurely used for point scoring against Muslims.

The truth which many do not understand that by burning Qur'an, they cannot hinder spread of Islam. Even if all copies of Qur'an from the entire world are burnt, Qur'an will still be preserved as it is memorized by heart by millions of Muslims across the globe.  wonder if there are devotees in other religions who have memorized their entire scriptures. And if the idea is to obliterate from Qur'an from the book shelves, libraries and masjid, what would you do about Qur'an preserved in the hearts and minds of millions of Muslims, as small as five years old? Start killing them too?

You may like to watch a video which was made after this gory incident of desecration of Qur'an and is an eye opener for those who think they can stop spread of Islam by burning Qur'an:
I do hope, and this is the voice of all Muslims around the world, that sanity would prevail in the non-Muslim world and they will come to realize the universality of Qur'an and its growth based on logic and not misinformation or disinformation. The clerics of each religion need to foster inter religion harmony and should not feed negativities in the minds of their followers so that they behave irrationally and express anger about each other's faith.

As for Islam, I have yet to come across a imam talking against Torah or Bible, though we do believe that many invocations have entered in these Divine Scriptures which have overshadowed the actual Divine Wisdom contained therein. Qur'an being the final Divine Scripture of One True God without any associates, assistants or even kith and kin, summarizes all the commandments contained in Torah and Bible and present the unpolluted and unequivocal word of God, the only Lord of the entire universe. Unless others come to terms with Islam and Qur'an, such emotional outburst by non-Muslims would continue, which may disturb the world peace.

All non-Muslim countries need to be prudent and address the growing extremism against in their countries and let no one hurt the religious feelings of others' faith even if paid or under the garb of freedom of expression, for religions are far above the freedom of expression thing as these are commandments of God, and not of men, clerics and imams.

Author's Note: The data above has been collected from the references given below. If anyone differs with the material contained in this post, one may consult the references and their authors.  If someone has more material about the subject, he/she is most welcome to share in the comments box to make the post all encompassing.

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