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The Rebuttal: Countering disinformation being spread about Islam (Reference Page)

The use of social media to spread disinformation has confused millions about what is the truth and what is otherwise. While the use of social media to spread disinformation and misinformation is mainly in the corporate world to paint rosy pictures about business of the counterparts, the media is also being used for point scoring by the priests, monks and imams to mislead followers of one religion and projecting their religion being the supreme. In doing so, logic is more often than not is set aside and emotions of followers of the opposing religions are played tacitly, many a times concealing, twisting and fabricating the truth.

When it comes to Divine Religions, each religion takes a hard stand and all other religions are over shadowed with information to mislead others. Islam, based on the last of the four Divine Scriptures, is more often than not been the target of the followers of the previous Divine religions and every effort is being let loose to find "faults" within the Qur'an, the last of the four Divine Scriptures, Psalms, Torah and the Gospel being the earlier three. This has resulted into discrimination, prejudice and unfair treatment of Muslims around the world and under the garb of Islamophobia, Jihad and such like jargons, Muslims are being marginalized. 

Moreover, there are number of sites that portray Islam as a false religion and "false information" is being dug by twisting the meaning of verses of Qur'an and sayings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Many a times, non-Muslims comment on our posts and portraying Islam as a false and declining religion. Whereas just the opposite is true, for Islam is the fast-emerging religion and many non-Muslims fear that by Islam will be the dominant religion by year 2050. 

The purpose of this post, thus, is to highlight the disinformation about Islam and present the true picture to its readers, so that they can correlate both versions and make an independent and unbiased framework of thinking. In the following lines, we will pen down the disinformation, which will be followed by detailed rebuttal posts to clarify the disinformation:

Note: This is just the beginning of responding to many lies and misinformation about Islam being spread on the social media. We have already responded to some of the lies / misinformation listed below and we will continue to address the remaining in due course.

Life and sayings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ:
You may also read one of our earlier posts on Disinformation about Islam, which addresses many a objection as stated above.

May Allāh (سبحانه و تعالى‎) help us understand Qur'ān and follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, which is embodiment of commandments of Allah contained in the Qur'ān. May Allah help us to be like the ones He loves and let our lives be lived helping others and not making others' lives miserable or unlivable. May all our wrong doings, whether intentional or unintentional, be forgiven before the angel of death knocks on our door. 

وَمَا عَلَيۡنَاۤ اِلَّا الۡبَلٰغُ الۡمُبِيۡنُ‏ 
(36:17) and our duty is no more than to clearly convey the Message.”
That is Our duty is only to convey to you the message that Allah has entrusted us with. Then it is for you to accept it or reject it. We have not been made responsible for making you accept it forcibly, and if you do not accept it, we shall not be seized in consequence of your disbelief, you will yourselves be answerable for your actions on Day of Resurrection.

May Allah forgive me if my posts ever imply a piety far greater than I possess. I am most in need of guidance.

Reading the Qur'ān should be a daily obligation of a Muslim - Reading it with translation will make it meaningful. But reading its Exegesis / Tafsir will make you understand it fully. It will also help the Muslims to have grasp over social issues and their answers discussed in the Qur'an and other matter related to inter faith so that they are able to discuss issues with non-Muslims with authority based on refences from Qur'an.

Note: When we mention God in our posts, we mean One True God, we call Allah in Islam, with no associates. Allah is the Sole Creator of all things, and that Allah is all-powerful and all-knowing. Allah has no offspring, no race, no gender, no body, and is unaffected by the characteristics of human life.

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