Thursday 10 May 2018

How Islam Differs from Other Religions - Part I

Studying religions is always interesting for it is through studying the differences between religions, one can make a decision to stick to one's own beliefs and religion or make up one's mind to convert to a religion which overrides others in its essences and practicality.

My great grandfather was an ordinary man, yet he had a mind with full of question. Born Muslim, he thought he needed to know why should he continue to follow his faith which he has been practicing since his birth or what his family members believed in. So one day, in his prime youth, he left his house to  live with Hindu sadhus, Christians, Zoroastrians and even Jews. He spent good about five years of his life in search of truth while men of his youth were marrying and raising children. He traveled thousands of miles interacting with people of other religions to find answers. 

And then one day, when his family had lost all hopes of his return, he came back in a miserable condition due to excessive traveling but with an enlightened mind - he had the right answers to what he has been looking for - Islam was the religion which not only is a religion but a complete way of life. And then he preached the practical Islam to people of his village and those who came to him for seeking answers he once himself had.

All religions teach men to be clean, free of bigotry, hatred and enmity. No religion supports adultry, lies and talking ill of others in their absence. All religions talk of some divine power 'up there' but are not sure of its true definition. Even in Christianity, there is a confusion as to what God is - is it one entitiy or a combination of trinity.

Unlike all religions, Islam gives practical answers to every query one may have provided one is prepared to receive answers tangent to one's belief. The Holy Quran, the last of the Holy Scriptures after Pslams, Torah and Bible, gives out the code of conduct for the entire wordly life and of life hereafter to its followers. Unlike many other religions where the religious men detach themselves from the socitiey and enshrine them in places of worship, Islam is for ordinary peopel - living and raisning familes, working to earn bread and butter for self and family and at the same time praying and preaching.

In Islam, all men are equal and all fundamental rights of individual as well as of society have been clearly spelt out and no one is allowed to temper these. There is an ongoing wave in the Western societies, where there is a rise in rate of non Muslims converting to Islam, to cope up with a concept of secular Islam. That is to say being a Muslim, one looks like a non Muslim in how he lives and how he unfolds his Islamic aspirations. That is to say the West's concept of a secular Islam.

But here Islam differs from other regions. Since Allah, the One and the Almighty, has elaborated the concept of Islam in very clear and easy to understand terms, anyone who digresses from these teachings no more remain a practicing Muslim, for unless a man believes and practices what is been given to him from Allah, life cannot be lived as a true Muslim.

There are many who coerce Muslims to drink and eat pork for everyone else does, despite the fact that all Godly religions prohibit these. Now if some Muslim does it, he is deemed to have disobeyed his creator, Allah the Almighty.  Likewise adultery and sex outside marital bonds has become a norm all over the word. Even is some countries man and woman live with the marital bond and have children and then decide to marry or walk their separate ways. This is in fact collapse of the moral fiber of the society and an easy way to escape the responsibility of raising and owning a family and having legitimate children.

Thus Islam lays down responsibilities and guardianship over everyone so that everyone is respected, honoured and accounted for:
“Everyone of you is a guardian, and responsible for what is in his custody.  The ruler is a guardian of his subjects and responsible for them; a husband is a guardian of his family and is responsible for it; a lady is a guardian of her husband’s house and is responsible for it, and a servant is a guardian of his master’s property and is responsible for it.”
This is just the introduction - we will continue to talk about the subject in our coming posts.

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