Tuesday 26 June 2018

Quick Guide to Consultation

Writing on subjects like religion is not an easy task, specially when the traffic audience is intended to be the non Muslims. Initially when I started writing posts, things looked simple and I though the Blue Bar would be adequate to encompass the most essential subjects and topics that a non Muslim may like to read and consult.

But as the posts grew, subjects became interconnected and required more details and additional information. Thus the Blue Bar became inadequate to pin in important subjects and required more sub menus to make things meaningful and easily understandable. And I had to insert sub menus or folders to clarify subjects requiring more than just one post.

In order to help my readers, I have added a special page "Quick Guide" which can be found at the top left corner of the blog after the "Home" and "About" button as can be seen in the following screen shot of the main page of the blog:

So do consult the Quick Guide page if you find difficulty in walking through various sections, topics and sub topics of the blog for easy and easy consultation.

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