Sunday 28 October 2018

Finding the Ultimate Truth - A Born Atheist finds in Islam

Most of the Muslims or for that matter that of any religion are born with the religion of their parents, myself included in the long list too, and generally do not strive to learn more about our faith of birth. But lately I started wondering what makes it for followers of other faiths to "revert" to Islam. And it was this aim in my mind, I started this blog of mine to know "The Ultimate Decision" of such people leaving their religion of birth behind and entering into the fold of Islam.

I came across many sites, mostly by the Christians, condemning Islam and lamenting that Islam coerces Christians to embrace Islam. I will someday quote some of these sites, which have tried to spread disinformation about Islam by quoting out of context verses of the Holy Qur'an to support their view point - I am amazed at such efforts wherein even the translation of the verses of the Qur'an have been twisted to make a point.

Sometime back, I shared the embracing of Islam by an Atheist who was earlier a born Catholic, which clearly shows that when a born Catholic could not find an answer to his questions in Bible, he chose to be become an Atheist for it did not require of him bondage with any religion. But even after denouncing everything and disbelieving in the existence of God or gods, many atheists find their answers in Islam. [1]

Today I am once again sharing the self confession of an atheist who was born to a Catholic family, but his parents raised him as an atheist for they too did not felt satisfied what Christians believed in.

I came across this video on Facebook and was amazed to listen to this young man's confession of how he has been wondering around in search of truth and how finally found his answers in Islam. This man from Australia looks visibly enlightened and one can understand the glow on his face for he was able to find the truth.

The last portion of the video is really very revealing and motivating. He says that having made the decision to revert to Islam, he wanted God to show him some sign that would be his final push to Islam. He said he sat in a candle lit room, and repeatedly asking for a sign - but was disappointed to find none. And then in desperation when he turned over the next page of Qur'an, there it was: The sign he was waiting for. I wont tell what was the sign, for it will spoil the spell with which one listens to his self confession.

Watch the video below of journey from Atheism to Islam in his own words:

I wish those finding truth and find faults in Islam, see this video and find out for themselves how to reach the truth - not by misguidance but striving to find the truth where it is contained: The Holy Qur'an and not sites which mislead a person to stop them from leaving their original faith and embrace Islam. May Allah always guide us on the straight path, the path of those who were blessed, and not the path of those upon whom the wrath of Allah fell or those who strayed away from the truth. [ Surah Al Fateha ]

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a very nice video! good find :)

Good that you watched it - something worth watching

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