Thursday 10 February 2022

Lone brave Indian Muslim girl protects her Hijab from intimidating Hindutva terrorists

Hijab is a symbol of modesty for women in Islam and at many places in Qur'an, women have been commanded to wear clothes that cover them from head to ankles leaving open their face, hands and feet. In fac all religions advocate women to be properly and "adequately" covered. But other than Islam, this dress has been left for nuns only while the generally women feel exposed with as much less clothes as possible. Read more on the subject in one of our earlier posts : Hijab for Muslim Women

But despite the so called freedom of women, the hijab of Muslim women pains the non Muslims and in some countries there is a total ban on hijab by Muslim women  Franc takes a lead is such countries. However recently Indian religious fanatic and radicals have unleashed a wave of intimidation and harassment against Muslim women clad in Burka, a loose black overall covering the entire body of the Muslim women. There have been instances wherein Muslim students girls wearing hijab have been stopped from entering their educational institutions. 

Recently a video has gone viral in which a lone Muslim female student clad in burka is seen being intimidated by a shouting and intimidating bunch of Hindu radicals in Indian state of Karnataka. But hats of this Muslim girl, later identified as Miss Muskan, who kept her wits about, dauntlessly stood the Nazi-type heckling, insult, and harassment at the hands of Hindutva fanatics and kept walking to her college chanting Muslim slogan of Allah hu Akbar (God is great). In the photo above she can be seen tailed by Hindu radicals. 

The entire Muslim world has joined hands together in appreciating and commending Mis Muskan for her very brave reactions to a mob which was very volatile and chanting prop Hindu slogans. Her courage to protect her modesty and hijab has been appreciated and will be a big question mark on the face of so called secular India. It may be noted that these Hindutva terrorists are the from the Indian BJP party of Indian PM Modi and since his occupation of the seat, incidents of hostilities against Muslims and Christians have increased manifold.

Her individual yet bold action and response to intimidation has made her a symbol of resistance on behalf of Indian Muslim girls who are suffering because of wearing Hijab in public. While burka or hijab is taken as offensive clothing, no one around the world objects to Hindus wearing saffron scarf which is in fact a symbol of radical Hinduism. In an interview, the brave girl says she is happy to see the appreciation she has received on social media: "So much love they are giving me and it gives me so much strength. I thank them very much."

Watch the video below of the entire incident as it went viral on the social media. As she walked towards her class after parking her scooter, a group of Hindutva terrorists began to mock her hijab by chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ Unperturbed by the terror unleashed by BJP supporters, the girl stopped to shout ‘Allahu Akbar.’
It is time now that world must realize that Hijab by Muslim women is a reality and no amount of intimidation and anti hijab laws and hijab bans can rob the Muslim women from their right to observe hijab.

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