Monday 2 May 2022

Eid al Fitr عيد الفطر Mubarak / Eid greetings to everyone around the world

With the sighting of the new moon of the Islamic month Shawaal, the sacred month of Ramadan, the month of fasting (Saum) comes to an end and brings the happy festivities of Eid al Fitr  "  عيد الفطر  "- one of the two festivities of the Muslim world (the other being Eid al-Adha). This festive day is celebrated to hank Allah that He gave the believers the strength of fasting even though the temperatures were soaring and exceeding 40 degrees Celsius and yet helped them to be strong enough to fast.

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The Eid day dawns with the special Eid prayer congregation at central places, rather than small masjid, so that Muslims en mass could join their brethren on this happy day. After the prayers are over, all greet each other by embracing and wishing eid greeting. Special dishes are prepared at homes by the ladies, specially sweet dishes. Sheer Khurma is one of the most favourite sweet dish of the day. Sheer means milk in Persian and khurma means dates; it is a delectable and nutritious mix of Seviyan (a form of vermicelli), dates and milk. This simple yet delicious dessert is versatile as it can be served hot or cold.

In order to include the poor in the festivities of the day, a obligatory charitable donation known as Fitrana is given before the Eid prayers to the poor so that could also buy clothes for their children and cook special food for the day. Fitrana  or Fitra is also called Zakat-Ul-Fitr, also called Sadaqat-Ul-Fitr, is a charity that has to be paid for by every household. Unlike Zakat, where only the individuals who have savings above the nisaab amount are required to pay Zakat, Zakat-Ul-Fitr applies to every member of the household as well.

Please read about zakat al Fitr:

We at Islam: My Ultimate Decision wish to extend our hearties felicitations to all Muslims who are celebrating this festive day today, as moon is not sighted to many places in the world, and we also wish the remaining who will be celebrating the Eid ul Fitr tomorrow as in many parts of the world the Shawaal moon will be sighted today. This will be a special day for the newly reverts who will be celebrating their first Eid after their reversion to Islam for the first time. Our special felicitations to them all.

We also pray to Allah ease sufferings of Muslim brethren and sisters living miserably in war torn countries like Palestine, Afghanistan, Yemen and Indian held Kashmir where Muslims are being suffocated not to perform their religious rituals. 

You may like to watch a small video on the festivities celebration of Eid ul Fitr:
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