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Understanding Al Qur'an - Reference to specific subjects for easy access

Qur'an is not only a religious book of DOs and DONTs but it is a book of guidance for the entire mankind. There is hardly subject that has been missed out of the Qur'an for which readers may feel wanting of more references or seek guidance from another source. From the childbirth to death, all stages of a man's life are beautifully encompassed in these less than a thousand pages one books only as against dozens of books and stories of other Divine religions. That is why more and more non-Muslims today find Qur'an a wholesome book for guidance and how to live a life liked by none other than our Creator, Allah the Almighty.

However, it is very difficult to locate verses specific to a subject as many subjects are mentioned at numerous places in Qur'an and for an ordinary reader, it be very difficult to find verses related to one specific subject. Many good men and Muslim scholars have taken upon them to compile verses specific to a subject and tabulated for easy access. Such listings are very useful for the reverts who have recently embraced Islam or even for non-Muslims if they want to know what Qur'an says about something they may be looking for.

We have been sharing selected verses from Qur'an and have tabulated these under different headings so that our viewers could consult these when looking for a specific subject. You may consult our page: Selected Verses from Qur'an in this regard.

However, it may be appreciated that selecting verses at random, and then adding translation and explanation / Exegesis “التفسير “takes time and the add on verses process is rather slow. That is why we are tabulating specific subjects for which we will find related verses and their translation for easy reference. At the same time, we will continue to add explanation / Exegesis “التفسير “concurrently. 

Some of the specific subjects that we have chosen include:
  • Previous Prophets (mentioned in Qur'an)
  • Repentance / Forgiveness
  • Life: The word(s) "Life" appears 219 times in 187 verses (In Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of Qur'an)
  • Death: The word(s) "Death" appears 80 time(s) in 74 verse(s) (In Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of Qur'an)
  • Muslim: The word(s) "Muslim" appears 16 time(s) in 15 verse(s) in Quran in Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation.
  • Man: The word(s) "man" appears 656 time(s) in 577 verse(s) in Quran in Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation.
  • Woman: The word(s) "woman" appears 26 time(s) in 23 verse(s) in Quran in Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation.
  • Islamic Laws 
  • Family Laws
  • Laws of Inheritance
  • Rewards / Punishments
  • Palmistry / Lots / Gambling
  • Alcohol / Intoxicants
  • Relations / Social etiquettes
  • Characteristic of good Muslims (men and women)
  • Characteristics of those who anger their Creator
  • Day of Resurrection: The word(s) "resurrection" appears 20 time(s) in 19 verse(s) (In Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation of Qur'an) 
  • Heaven: The word(s) "heaven" appears 249 time(s) in 244 verse(s) in Quran in Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation.
  • Hell: The word(s) "hell" appears 95 times in 95 verse(s) in Quran in Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation.
  • ... and more being added
We have taken a start and we will soon be adding pages specific to each subject mentioned above. We hope out endeavors to help Muslims, especially the Reverted Muslims, and even the non-Muslims will add to their knowledge and assist them in learning Qur'an and Islam.

Reading, learning and understanding the Holy Quran should be a daily obligation of a Muslim - Reading it with translation will make it meaningful. But reading its Exegesis / Tafsir will make you understand it fully. An effort has been made to gather links to verses containing specific subjects for easy reference. 

You may refer to our reference page: Understanding Al Qur'an for more information on how to understand Qur'an better.

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