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How can charity save believers from Fire of Hell

The reality of Heaven and Hell cannot be denied for mention of these abounds in all Divine Scriptures. It is understood that all those doing good are promised Paradise, Jannah. But how can one avert his chances of landing and burning in the fire of hell. The answer is very simple: Follow the straight path as has been mentioned in all Divine Scriptures, do good and have faith in God for He loves those who do good and have faith in Him. But as for those who faulter and think their evil and sinful actions will land them in Hell, they must take care of their future life while they are still alive in this earthly life.

One can start from repenting one's sins and asking forgiveness from Allah, and no one else, for it is Allah alone Who can accept someone's repentance and forgive him. Besides, one must give out as much to charity as it can to aid in waiving one's sins and come to his rescue when balance will be created on the Day of Resurrection. Those who can afford to give out as much in charity. But what about those who have nothing to spare or do not even have anything even to feed them and their families? 

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ mentions a way out which is mentioned in Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī  (Book 78 - Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab) كتاب الأدب / Chapter 34: Pleasant friendly speech باب طِيبِ الْكَلاَمِ) as Hadith 6023, given herein under:

حَدَّثَنَا أَبُو الْوَلِيدِ، حَدَّثَنَا شُعْبَةُ، قَالَ أَخْبَرَنِي عَمْرٌو، عَنْ خَيْثَمَةَ، عَنْ عَدِيِّ بْنِ حَاتِمٍ، قَالَ ذَكَرَ النَّبِيُّ صلى الله عليه وسلم النَّارَ، فَتَعَوَّذَ مِنْهَا وَأَشَاحَ بِوَجْهِهِ، ثُمَّ ذَكَرَ النَّارَ، فَتَعَوَّذَ مِنْهَا، وَأَشَاحَ بِوَجْهِهِ ـ قَالَ شُعْبَةُ أَمَّا مَرَّتَيْنِ فَلاَ أَشُكُّ ـ ثُمَّ قَالَ ‏ "‏ اتَّقُوا النَّارَ وَلَوْ بِشِقِّ تَمْرَةٍ، فَإِنْ لَمْ تَجِدْ فَبِكَلِمَةٍ طَيِّبَةٍ ‏"‏‏.‏

Narrated `by Adi bin Hatim:

The Prophet (ﷺ) mentioned the (Hell) Fire and sought refuge (with Allah) from it, and turned his face to the other side. He mentioned the (Hell) Fire again and took refuge (with Allah) from it and turned his face to the other side. (Shu`ba, the sub-narrator, said, "I have no doubt that the Prophet (ﷺ) repeated it twice.") The Prophet (ﷺ) then said, "(O people!) Save yourselves from the (Hell) Fire even if with one half of a date fruit (given in charity), and if this is not available, then (save yourselves) by saying a good pleasant friendly word."

You see, how easy it is to please Allah if one sincerely repents and gives out even half of the date fruit he may have in charity. And if he cannot afford this meager amount, he may display a pleasing smile, for a smile too is part of an act of charity. Who knows, his smile lightens up the spirit of someone who is depressed and brings life into him. So do not wait to have much in your hand to give out to charity. Show magnanimity for even a smile is part of your effort to please others.
May Allāh (سبحانه و تعالى‎) help us understand Qur'ān and follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, which is embodiment of commandments of Allah contained in the Qur'ān. May Allah help us to be like the ones He loves and let our lives be lived helping others and not making others' lives miserable or unlivable. May all our wrong doings, whether intentional or unintentional, be forgiven before the angel of death knocks on our door. 
وَمَا عَلَيۡنَاۤ اِلَّا الۡبَلٰغُ الۡمُبِيۡنُ‏ 
(36:17) and our duty is no more than to clearly convey the Message.”
That is Our duty is only to convey to you the message that Allah has entrusted us with. Then it is for you to accept it or reject it. We have not been made responsible for making you accept it forcibly, and if you do not accept it, we shall not be seized in consequence of your disbelief, you will yourselves be answerable for your actions on Day of Resurrection.

May Allah forgive me if my posts ever imply a piety far greater than I possess. I am most in need of guidance.

Reading the Qur'ān should be a daily obligation of a Muslim - Reading it with translation will make it meaningful. But reading its Exegesis / Tafsir will make you understand it fully. It will also help the Muslims to have grasp over social issues and their answers discussed in the Qur'an and other matter related to inter faith so that they are able to discuss issues with non-Muslims with authority based on refences from Qur'an.

Note: When we mention God in our posts, we mean One True God, we call Allah in Islam, with no associates. Allah is the Sole Creator of all things, and that Allah is all-powerful and all-knowing. Allah has no offspring, no race, no gender, no body, and is unaffected by the characteristics of human life.

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Disclaimer: The material for this post has been collected from the references as given below. If anyone differs with the material contained in this post, one may consult the references and their authors.  If someone has more material about the subject, he/she is most welcome to share in the comments box to make the post all encompassing.

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