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Some of my friends and readers have asked me to explain as to how quickly they can access a desired subject. Here is a quick guide to the blog.

Seeing the overall layout of the blog, there are five ways to quickly access the blog:
  1. Electing the desired subject from the drop down menus from the BLUE BAR just under the blog caption,
  2. The running posts as shown on the blog page. Usually seven last posts are displayed on the main page of the blog.
  3. The selected Featured Blog by the admin. These posts keep changing and are selected keeping in view their importance. Like for instance, in the Featured Post shown herein under the subject chosen is "Why should a Muslim invite a Non Muslim to Islam."
  4. The fourth way to select a popular post which change automatically as per their frequency of consultation by the viewers. Normally last such posts are displayed at a time.

Under the heading MORE, more subjects will be added as our blog progresses. If readers still find in consulting the blog, they may notify for further clarification / improvement.

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