Saturday 14 April 2018

Why People of Other Religions Become Muslims

Generally talking, non-Muslims around the world have very vague and misinformation about Islam. Whenever the word Islam or Muslim is sounded or heard, eyebrows are raised in skepticism with a negative mindset. But despite this, we note that the rate of people of other religions converting to Islam is rising and even in countries like America and United Kingdom where hate game or the Islamophobia is at its best, other religion people are happily converting to Islam and clinging to it despite a negative mindset about Muslims and Islam.

Question thus arises what is so special about the religion of Islam that attracts non Muslims to leave their ancestral religion and convert to Islam? This is exactly the same stage of someone's life as was some 1400 years ago when Allah chose Muhammad (may peace be upon him) to be His messenger and to unfold a new code and way of life that would enlighten them and their future generations and put them on the righteous path - the path Allah had chosen to change their destiny forever.

I have read many accounts of non Muslims as to why and how they converted to Islam and some of the major reasons I found were:
  • The Oneness of Allah: In Christianity, the concept of Trinity and revering Prophet Isa (may peace be upon him) or Jesus as so called negates oneness of Allah. We know there is no god but Allah and none can be equated with Him. Muslims believe absolute oneness of Allah and always pray and seek help from Him alone. We in Islam believe that Isa (may peace be upon him) is a prophet of Allah and revere him for that, but not as God or equal to God. The Chapter ‘Al Ahad’ describes in detail the ultimate understanding of the concept of monotheism (we will deliberate on this in our subsequent posts).
  • The Concept of Original Sin: This concept of original sin of the newly borns is rather vague and thus the concept of Baptism to rid the newly borns of the sins they are born with. In Islam, Allah says in Quran, "Undoubtedly We have made man in the fairest stature." He has created man in fairest form and stature. Thus his being born with sins cannot be justified.
  • The Search for Ultimate Truth: People around the word are always seeking and searching the truth. And this is when they turn to Islam for the answers of many unanswered questions. And when truth is found, there is no turning back as there are very rare cases where converted Muslims reverted to their original religions.
  • Acceptance of all Prophets: While other holy religions, like Judaism and Christianity, only revere their prophets, Moses and Issac (may peace be upon them), Muslims accept all prophets and messengers sent by Allah before the prophet and messenger Muhammad (may peace be upon him) and take the Holy Books of Psalms, Torah and Bible as books of God. However, these books have been altered so much that these no more remain the original text which was Godly sent. On the other hand, Quran, the fourth and last Holy Book by Allah, remains unpolluted and despite a passage of more than 1400 years time period, not a full stop or comma has been changed.
These are some major reasons why non Muslims seek refuge in the folds of Islam as it provides them answers to their hitherto fore unanswered questions and provide guidance as to how to live a balanced life as enunciated in the Deen (way of life) of Islam.

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