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The Holy Quran (Summary): Chapter 106 Sūrat Quraysh

Sūrat Quraysh, the 106th chapter of the Holy Qur'an in the 30th part with four verses was revealed in Makkah. This sūrah follows the Sūrat al-Fīl (The Elephant), 105th chapter, as a reminder to the people of Quraysh, the leading and most prosperous traders of Makkah, of the many bounties and protection provided to them including saving the Ka'bah from the army of Abraha purely through divine intervention and also their trade routes to Syria and Yemen.

We have already provided the background to this Sūrah in the Overview to familiarize the readers about Who were the People and Tribe of Quraysh. Herein under we present the Summary, which will be followed by the verse by verse Exegesis / Tafsir of the Sūrah.

Read the English translation of Sūrat Quraysh:
In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful
For the accustomed security of the Quraysh
Their accustomed security [in] the caravan of winter and summer
Let them worship the Lord of this House
Who has fed them, [saving them] from hunger and made them safe, [saving them] from fear
The sūrah was thus a reminder of Allah's many bounties on the tribe of Quraysh for they worshiped the House of Allah, though prostrating to the idols rather than the mighty Creator of the universe. Nevertheless, Allah still asked them to continue to worship the House of Lord who in turn has provided them safety and security and wealth and food in abundance. In fact it was because of Ka'bah that traders from far off lands came to Makkah for pilgrimage and thus also bringing along their goods to exchange and sell at Makkah which brought prosperity to Makkans. Otherwise in the absence of Ka'bah, the centre of attraction, who would have traveled to barren and scorching desert to trade with Quraysh.

While the Makkah and Ka'bah was saved by divine help only, the Quraysh despite worshiping the three 360 plus idols, would secretly confide with each other that they were saved not by their idols but Allah alone. 

Dr Shehzad Saleem sums up Sūrat Quraysh beautifully as under:[3]
This surah is another instance where the same subject has been brought up. Both peace and sustenance are special blessings of the Almighty. Instead of showing conceit and vanity upon their bestowal, the Quraish are being admonished to be grateful to the Almighty and remain aware that this gratitude entails His worship, not revolt and disobedience.
an the world witnessed that despite these bounties, the people of Quraysh forgot the many blessings of Allah and turned bitterly against Islam when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) proclaimed Islam openly. The chieftains of Quraysh feared that by accepting Islam they will lose control over their prestigious status and that once Ka'bah goes in the hands of the Muslims, who were the rightful owners of the House of Allah, their status will be reduced to second rate citizens as anyone who controlled Ka'bah was the most respectful and honorable.

And Allah fulfilled His promise when with the rise of Islam not only Ka'bah reverted to its rightful inheritors, Quraysh became subservient to emerging Muslim power which soon conquered Makkah and spread the world of Allah not only in the entire Arabia but the world as a whole.

You may now listen to the recitation of the surah in Arabic with English subtitles:

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