Tuesday 15 January 2019

Anti Muslim Immigration Sentiments in Canada and Canadian Prime Minister's Response

I am writing a series of posts on life of Muslims in non Muslim countries and was about to write about Canada, a home to over a million Muslims and some 3.2% of the total population of the country But just today I came across a video to today on Facebook in which an anti Muslim Immigration man tried to blast his prime minister Justin Trudeau over his immigration policies.

Much to my surprise, there stood a prime minster, surrounded by Christians mostly, but with a well read Canadian history. Canada today is what immigrants have made it along with the natives to be one of the best known welfare state in the world. And is a country, where the work of immigrants, no matter from which part of the world or believing in whatever faith, they are respected and appreciated. 

The follow video in which Canadian prime minster Justin Trudeau stands confidently and support his country's immigration policy and his too, stands tall among the rest where bans are being placed in place to curb growing Muslim influence or ban Halal meat, as recently done in Belgium, and much more.

Listen to the video and appreciate this young man who stood to his beliefs and view point, defending his policies on immigration, specially of Muslims:
I will write detailed post on life of Muslims in Canada in next few days.

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