Friday 1 February 2019

World Hijab Day - 1st February 2019

Hijab for Muslim women is not only a sign of modesty but also a Commandment from Allah, which makes it obligatory for Muslim women to wear clothes as ascribed for them in the Holy Qur'an. I have already written a detailed post on the subject in one of my earlier posts, in which I have also classified that what world calls Hijab is in fact called Khimer in Arabic.  However, since world understands Hijab what actually is Khimer, we shall use the same world so as not to confuse the issue.

In most of the non Muslim countries, Muslim women observing Hijab are often treated badly and some even pity them for following a religion which oppresses women and their basic human rights. Some so called outward looking Muslim women who feel ashamed of following the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and thus inadvertently support those who consider Hijab as a symbol of oppression and divisiveness. Hijab thus makes Muslim women a visible target and have to often bear the brunt of anti Islam forces.

In order to counteract Hijab related controversies World Hijab Day is being observed annually since since 2013, founded by Nazma Khan, a New York based Muslimah. The event takes place on February 1st each year in 140 countries worldwide. Its stated purpose is to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab. Event organizers describe it as an opportunity for non-Muslim women to experience the hijab.

This annual event is gaining strength every year and more and more Muslim women who felt shy of wearing Hijab for the ear of being singled out or for being targeted and possibility of being harmed. are now more confident of observing Hijab and tell the world that Hijab is a symbol of modesty and not a sign of been backward or orthodox.

I cam across some thought provoking comments by those observing Hijab, which shows resilience of Muslim women to stand up to their Hijab and defend it forcefully:
  • Rumana Zaib from India very boldly defends her decision to wear Hijab in a Hindu dominated India: "By wearing hijab, it gives a feeling of being safe and protected from the evil world, while still having the mind and courage to face it. It's where you CHOOSE NOT to stand a chance of being appreciated for the superficial beauty; which is mere an illusion that conceals one's hidden self. It's where you care less about people's opinions on your choices, when all your trying to is please the Almighty. And the best part is that you are representing your religion, and your people. Alhamdulillah, I have grown better after having understood this. From a time where I wasn't very practicing as a Hijabi, to this day where I reflect upon the need for being one - has got refined changes in me in the most subtle ways. This has a major role to play in the betterment of my thoughts, expression, perception and everything I do to carry myself well. Hijab is my armour.”
  • Marcela Daza (Colombia) says her Hijab is the Most empowerment garment: If you think hijab holds you from exploring the world, think again. My hijab is the most empowering garment I ever had. The hijab speaks for me, it tells the world that I’m a Muslim woman, that I believe in Allah (SWT) and I try to follow the prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) teachings. It’s also a reminder of the Sunnah (my ethics code) and acts sometimes quicker than my own conscience. It makes me feel connected with this world because as a Muslim woman, I have a moral duty in society.  At the same time, it tells me to keep working my way to Jannah (Paradise). [6]
Watch a beautiful video on Modesty and Hijab:

In a recent survey of 10 countries that included Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Philippines, USA, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, Muslim women were asked many a questions regarding wearing of Hijab and otherwise. And this must come as a surprise to those who think Hijab is oppressive and against women freedom, that when women were asked:  “Do you feel oppressed in your hijab?” On Instagram, 94% answered No and 6% answered Yes.  On Facebook, 81% answered No and 19% answered yes. Read the complete poll at the given reference. [7]

May the world learns to respect tolerate people of other faith, specially Muslims, who perhaps are the only faithful left still religiously following Islam and trying to survive in a world that doesn't find itself at ease with women observing Hijab and protecting their modesty. 

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