Wednesday 30 January 2019

The Fathomless Universe: Expressed in Seconds

When we travel in land, we are amazed of its awesome vastness as it takes more than a day to reach from one point to the other extreme on the other other side.Although, today, the distances have been compressed dramatically due to ever increasing speeds of the modes of transportation, the distance remain the same, only time has been compressed. 

But ever wondered the vastness of the Universe the Almighty Allah has created? From our naked eye we can visibly see only he moon and the sun, while all other planets of even our own solar system looks like tiny dots, amid countless tiny other stars that are many many light years away from us. The Hubble Telescope is unfolding the realities and the fathomless vastness of the extent of the Universe.
"The heavens, We have built them with power. And verily, We are expanding it" (The Holy Qur'an, Surah Az Zariat 51:47)
The above quoted verse from the Holy Qur'an explains the vastness of universe, saying the universe has been created by Allah and it is being expanding, something the cosmologists and agronomists have recently started to acknowledge. And imagine that this all has been created in matter of days:
And we have created the Heavens and Earth and everything in between in six days and We were not touched by fatigue. [Holy Quran Surah Qaf 50.38]
This is the mighty power of creation of Allah, that still bewilders the modern science. Its sheer vastness makes it impossible to explore thoroughly and the presence of dark matter and dark energy keep 95.1% of the universe hidden from us. Therefore, the universe that we see and understand so far is only about 4.9% of the entire picture.[1]

I am sharing a video below just to give you an idea how the universe looks starting from an individual seen on the ground resting and then going up into a fathom less extent of the universe above us. And those who still deny that this universe came just by itself should now scratch their imagination and ponder that there has to be some Diving power who is responsible for its birth, just like a child is born from nothing in the mother's womb. If Allah could create this fathomless universe in just six days, was it difficult for Him to take His most beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from earth tho seven heavens in a twinkle of an eye and then bring him back to earth??
He (Allah) has created the heavens and the earth for just ends: Far is He above having the partners they ascribe to Him! (The Holy Quran, Surah An-Nahl, 3)

Photo | References: | 1 | 2Read More about Attributes of Allah: Al Khaliq (The Creator) | The Inventor, The Shaper  | Read the Miracle of Isra and Mairaj
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