Thursday, May 23, 2019

Understanding Islam: The Day when even the Mightiest of World will Surrender

While reading the exegesis / tafseer of Surah As Saffat, the explanation of the 26th verse simply stunned me. Though just a plain small verse, but going deep into its explanation was really hair raising:

بَلۡ هُمُ الۡيَوۡمَ مُسۡتَسۡلِمُوۡنَ‏ 
Indeed, today they are surrendering themselves completely. [Surah as Saffat, Vrse 26]

This verse tells of the general conditions at the time. It tells how the haughty and stubborn culprits of the world will be moving towards Hell meekly and without showing any resistance. Somewhere some kind will be seen being pushed about, and no one from among his courtiers will come forward to rescue “his majesty”. Somewhere some conqueror of the world and some dictator will be moving away in humiliation and disgrace, and his brave army itself will deliver him for the punishment. Somewhere some saint or some holy father will be seen being thrown into Hell, and no one of his disciples will bother to save him from disgrace. Somewhere some leader will be trudging helplessly towards Hell, and those who used to glorify and applaud him in the world will turn away their eyes from him. So much so that the one who was ever prepared to sacrifice everything for the beloved in the world, will feel least concerned to save him from his plight. By depicting this scene Allah wants to impress how the relationships of man with man, which are based on rebellion against Allah in the world, will break in the Hereafter, and how the pride of those who are involved in arrogance and conceit here will be ruined.

Relate it to the demagogues of the day, who have looted their countries, killed millions, bombed innocents and walked with pride and vanity as if they were never to be held accountable for their misdeeds and still do not surrender and their loyalists standing beside them, supporting them, despite their crimes.

Read the explanation again and again and wonder how the mightiest of the world will surrender to Allah on day of judgement and how their loyalists will ignore them completely and let them pass by and enter the hell, all alone !!

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