Wednesday 19 June 2019

Understanding Islam: Why Muslims Kill Cow - Dr Zakir Answers a Hindu's Query

Islam today is the most fast spreading religion around the world for its messages are clear and have no ambiguity. It teaches and preaches peace, love and harmony among everyone without caring for the caste and creed for its message carry universality. 

Due to this very reason, the people following other religions have started to feel threatened and are always on the lookout to find loopholes in Islam's teaching to shoot it down. But they are always having to back off when confronted with eminent scholars of Islam.

Recently I came across a video in which a seemingly very angry and emotionally charged Hindu confronted Dr Zakir A Naik for his eloquence and defending his viewpoint. He asked two questions, despite the fact and perhaps himself knowing the answers too that Islam did not teach what he was asking for. 

The question about 'killing' (rather than saying slaughtering) of cows was interesting. Perhaps he forgot that leaving Hinduism, the entire world eats meat and beef besides Islam.  And that there is difference between killing and slaughtering the animals. However, to settle scores and hoping to corner the learned doctor did not augur well with him for Dr Zakir gave a detailed answer to his query. 

And I am sharing the video below for my readers to know how to confront Hindus when asked such questions:

We will keep sharing such videos which present the detailed answers to the ill-founded queries by non-Muslims and to better educate us, specially the reverts.

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