Sunday 24 May 2020

Eid ul Fitr 2020 in Trying times

Alhamdolillah, the month of Ramadan, the month of countless blessings, has come to an end with the sighting of the crescent of month of  Shawwal 1441 AH.  Those who adhered to obligations of the month of Ramadan, kept all 29 fasts, recited the Qur'an and gave away charities, In Sha Allah, they will be rewarded of their self sacrifices. 

The dawn of 24th May brings glad tidings for all believers to celebrate Eid ul Fitr " عيد الفطر ". The day dawns with the special Eid prayer congregations all over the Muslim world, which is followed by embracing each other to greet the blessings of the day.  On this day, sweet dishes are prepared, for which this Eid is also known as the Sweet Eid. Friends and relatives visit each other houses and greet the families while the children are given away Eid money, a ritual of specially liking for the children. Families thereafter move out to recreational parks where children take rides and enjoy the day. Special meals are prepared to celebrate the day with families and relatives.

One of the hallmark of the Eid ul Fitr is giving away charities, called Fitr or Fitrana,  before the special Eid prayers to the poor and needy. This ensures participation of the poor in the Eid day celebrations. Many believers give away cooked food to the poor. Believers also visit grave yards to pray for the forgiveness of their near and dear ones buried there.

However, this year, the Eid will be celebrated in trying times of Corona pandemic which has plagued the entire world. Many of the rituals like Eid prayer congregations will be curtailed and embracing each other may not take place in order to ensure the minimum social distance required to arrest spread of the Corona virus. Likewise the recreation too will be heavily scaled down as almost all recreational parks and playgrounds are closed. 

For reverts who will be celebrating their first Eid, this day will not be the same as they may have been excitedly and anxiously waiting for. But times would change and In Sha Allah, next year the clouds of Corona Virus will be lifted to enjoy Eid in traditional ways.

Instead of personal visits, technology and Social Media will assist in video chats to talk to each other and share Eid greetings. In fact, creativity in celebrating the Eid will be add to the otherwise dull environment due to Corona virus. One may dish out cooked meals and sweets to friends and families while maintaining social distance, while not forgetting to keep envelopes containing money for the children. In fact this Eid will be a virtual Eid rather than a physical activity.

So do not make it a dull day due to restrictions and celebrate the happiness of the day virtually and as best as it be made happy by innovating one's activities. 

We at Islam: My Ultimate Decision, wish all our readers a very happy Eid. May Allah accept or fasting during Ramadan and Qur'an recitations and our charities and Zakat. Aameen

You may watch the video below as despite all constraints, Muslims around the world continue to celebrate the coming Eid while still adhering to the precautions:

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