Monday, January 17, 2022

Answers to some of the most asked Questions about Islam

There are lot of questions that confuse one's mind when it comes to knowing Islam, specially from followers of other religions and atheists. There are many scholars the keep giving answers to these questions. Yet the questions are never ending and remain unanswered. I came across video in which prominent Muslim scholar and preacher Dr Zakir A Naik answers questions of Non Muslims and thought to share the video as so those who have questions like some appended below may get their answers.

Some of the questions asked by the audience in the video are:
  • Why Islam as a religion be preferred over other Divine Religions
  • What is concept of Jihad
  • Why eating of pork is prohibited in Islam
  • Why Islam prohibits Homosexuality
  • Were Adam and Eve deported from the Heaven to endure hardships for disobeying the commandment of Allah
  • Why do not Christians do not believe in Muhammad as the name is mentioned in Bible
  • Why Allah is the Creator but not Uncreated?
  • What will happen to an individual after death?
  • Who is God?
  • How can a reverted Muslim give Dawah (invitation to Islam) to one's non Muslim parents?
  • Why does Islam permit to have four wives?
  • How can you prove that Jesus was not crucified?
  • Does Qur'an mentions anything about Hinduism like Jewism or Christianity?
  • Why Islam doesn't believe in idol worshipping?
You may like to listen to eminent Muslim scholar  Dr Zakir A Naik answering to some of the most sough questions about Islam:
May Allah help us to listen to scholars and modern research that everyday brings about hidden meanings in Qur'an hitherto fore not known before. Ameen

For more Scholarly views and videos, please read our reference page: Scholars' Viewpoint on Important Issues Related to Islam.

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