Saturday, February 5, 2022

How to discover God

More often than not, many around the world, specially the atheists, often as the question from the believers as to how can they see or discover God if He so exists. It is a difficult question bit answer the question, first one has to have a strong faith in the existence of Allah as well as the fact that God's existence is beyond all times and spaces. 

To really know of His existence, one has to find Him from His creations. The unlimited fathomless space of the universe did not evolve on its own or the starts and galaxies do not float in a very fine tune network of time. The rise and fall of the moon and the sun, the generation of waves in the oceans and countless living beings besides humans. There has to be a Creator far superior than the humans Whose creations spellbound the imagination of even the most intelligent scientists and thinkers.

Please watch the video below in which eminent Muslim scholar Maulana Waheed ud Din answers this complex question. The video is in Urdu language with English sub titles:
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