Saturday 5 February 2022

How to discover God (Scholars' Viewpoint)

More often than not, many around the world, especially the atheists, often as the question from the believers as to how can they see or discover God if He so exists. It is a difficult question bit answer the question, first one has to have a strong faith in the existence of Allah as well as the fact that God's existence is beyond all times and spaces. 

To really know of His existence, one has to find Him from His creations. The unlimited fathomless space of the universe did not evolve on its own or the stars and galaxies do not float in a very fine tune network of time. The rise and fall of the moon and the sun, the generation of waves in the oceans and countless living beings besides humans. There has to be a Creator far superior than the humans Whose creations spellbound the imagination of even the most intelligent scientists and thinkers.

Please watch the video below in which eminent Muslim scholar Maulana Waheed ud Din answers this complex question. The video is in Urdu language with English sub titles:

وَمَا عَلَيۡنَاۤ اِلَّا الۡبَلٰغُ الۡمُبِيۡنُ‏ 
(36:17) and our duty is no more than to clearly convey the Message.”
That is our duty to convey only to you the message that Allah has entrusted us with. Then it is for you to accept it or reject it. We have not been made responsible for making you accept it forcibly, and if you do not accept it, we shall not be seized in consequence of your disbelief, you will yourselves be answerable for your actions on Day of Resurrection.

May Allāh (سبحانه و تعالى‎) help us understand Qur'ān and help us to act upon the commandments of Allah contained therein. May Allah help us to be like the ones He loves and let our lives be lived helping others and not making others' lives miserable or unlivable. May all our wrong doings, whether intentional or unintentional, be forgiven before the angel of death knocks on our door. 

May Allah forgive me if my posts ever imply a piety far greater than I possess. I am most in need of guidance.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video above are those of the scholar concerned. We have shared this view as added information in better understanding of Islam. The reader may or may not agree with the view owing to their own perception. If anyone differs with the material contained in this post, one may consult the references and their authors.  If someone has more material about the subject, he/she is most welcome to share in the comments box to make the post all encompassing.

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It is the most simplest question and answers abound. A child of about seven had said, "God does not exist'. I culdn't fathom such thought from a child of that age. However, I asked the Lord in spirit if I should prove Himself to him. Allah permitted and I said to him, 'tell me if you observe a sign on your body and on what part'. I invoked Allah for about 30seconds and had asked Allah to manifest Himself. he did and the boy was asked, 'Where did you feel sign on your body? He said "here". He believed henceforth that Allah indeed existed. Allah manifests in me since 1983, physically on my body and inspires through physical signs on same body so that I may know and discern right or wrong. Islam is practical. Moreover, the humanoid body spells the name of Allah and His Muhammad without which we have no shape, a "beautiful shape", says the Quran.

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