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Reward of keeping good relations with one’s Kith and kin - Hadith Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Islam lays a great emphasis keeping and maintaining a cordial family life. A well maintained and well-connected family is the essence of Islam. Any loose connections can result in mistrust, breakages in relations and even enmities. Therefore, it is incumbent upon every member of the family, especially the head of the family, to maintain the cohesiveness in their household to start with and near and even far family members.

The concept of family in Islam commences with the household that includes the husband, the wife, their children, and their parents who live with them. Outside one's household are the close relatives, who also have prior claim on the wealth and resources of a person, in life as well as in death (as beneficiaries, known as in matter of inheritance 'sharers', the first line of inheritors).  This constitutes the real core of the family, sharing each other's joys, sorrow, hopes and fears. In addition to these close relations, include relations based on affinity that include one's in laws and spouses of one's sons and daughters. In this category the step relations also fall in.

It is this expanded family framework which everyone must maintain a cordial relation with. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has emphasized the importance of keeping cordial relations with one's kith and kin and close relatives so that equilibrium of family is not disturbed.

This Hadith is quoted in Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim: Book (#78) Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab) - كتاب الأدب   / Chapter # 12 Whoever was made wealthy because of keeping good relations with his kith and kin / باب مَنْ بُسِطَ لَهُ فِي الرِّزْقِ بِصِلَةِ الرَّحِمِ ) as Hadith number # 5986 as under:

Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah 's Apostle said, "Whoever loves that he be granted more wealth and that his lease of life be prolonged then he should keep good relations with his Kith and kin."

Arabic Text:
حَدَّثَنَا يَحْيَى بْنُ بُكَيْرٍ، حَدَّثَنَا اللَّيْثُ، عَنْ عُقَيْلٍ، عَنِ ابْنِ شِهَابٍ، قَالَ أَخْبَرَنِي أَنَسُ بْنُ مَالِكٍ، أَنَّ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَالَ ‏ "‏ مَنْ أَحَبَّ أَنْ يُبْسَطَ لَهُ فِي رِزْقِهِ، وَيُنْسَأَ لَهُ فِي أَثَرِهِ، فَلْيَصِلْ رَحِمَهُ ‏"‏‏.

It has been reported that Asmaa bint Abu Bakr said: “My mother who was a pagan, came to see me during the period of the treaty between the Muslims and Quraish. I went to seek the advice of the Prophet ﷺ saying: ‘My mother has arrived and she is hoping (for my favour).” The Prophet said: “Yes, be good to your mother”. [1]

The Prophet ﷺ has also been reported as saying: “The best of you is the best to his family. I am the best amongst you to my family.” Tirmidhi, Ibn Maajah. [2]

Thus, Silat ar-Rahm (keeping good relations) indicates the importance of what Allah (swt) has legislated regarding the keeping of good and friendly relations within the Islamic community, in the maintaining of good relations and co-operation between relatives, and the extent of the Shari’ah concern to organize the meeting of men and women and organize what results from this meeting in terms of the relationships (Alaqat) and whatever branches out from it. Hence the Islamic Shari’ah, through the rules which it legislated for the social aspect in the society, provides the best social system for mankind. [1]

Let us then, brothers and sisters in Islam, keep cordial and good relations with our kith and kin and should never let anyone break away for any reason.
May Allāh (سبحانه و تعالى‎) help us understand Qur'ān and follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, which is embodiment of commandments of Allah contained in the Qur'ān. May Allah help us to be like the ones He loves and let our lives be lived helping others and not making others' lives miserable or unlivable. May all our wrong doings, whether intentional or unintentional, be forgiven before the angel of death knocks on our door. 
وَمَا عَلَيۡنَاۤ اِلَّا الۡبَلٰغُ الۡمُبِيۡنُ‏ 
(36:17) and our duty is no more than to clearly convey the Message.”
That is Our duty is only to convey to you the message that Allah has entrusted us with. Then it is for you to accept it or reject it. We have not been made responsible for making you accept it forcibly, and if you do not accept it, we shall not be seized in consequence of your disbelief, you will yourselves be answerable for your actions on Day of Resurrection.

May Allah forgive me if my posts ever imply a piety far greater than I possess. I am most in need of guidance.

Reading the Qur'ān should be a daily obligation of a Muslim - Reading it with translation will make it meaningful. But reading its Exegesis / Tafsir will make you understand it fully. It will also help the Muslims to have grasp over social issues and their answers discussed in the Qur'an and other matter related to inter faith so that they are able to discuss issues with non-Muslims with authority based on refences from Qur'an.

Note: When we mention God in our posts, we mean One True God, we call Allah in Islam, with no associates. Allah is the Sole Creator of all things, and that Allah is all-powerful and all-knowing. Allah has no offspring, no race, no gender, no body, and is unaffected by the characteristics of human life.

Please refer to our reference page: Sunnah and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to know more about sunnah of Prophet of Allah. You may also refer to our Reference Pages for knowing more about Islam and Qur'ān.

Disclaimer: The material for this post has been collected from the references as given below. If anyone differs with the material contained in this post, one may consult the references and their authors.  If someone has more material about the subject, he/she is most welcome to share in the comments box to make the post all encompassing.
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