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Tuesday 2 May 2023

Lift yourself by sincere repentance if you fall

Man has been created very fragile and weak by Allah so that he is tested and observed whether he recovers if he falls by being lured by Satan or not. Even Prophet Adam (علي السلام) could not resist the temptation of Satan when he was enticed to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree.
“Then they both ate of that tree, and so their private parts appeared to them, and they began to stick on themselves the leaves from Paradise for their covering.  Thus did Adam disobey his Lord, so he went astray.  Then his Lord chose him, and turned to him with forgiveness and gave him guidance.” (Quran 20:121-122)
But should it mean that once a believer falls, he has no means to recover and stand again? Well Allah forgave Adam when he sincerely repented. And so, He would accept true repentance of every believer should they sincerely do so and seek forgiveness of Allah, for Allah is Al-Ghafur (الغفور) - The Forgiving, The Pardoner and Ar-Rahim (الرحيم)-The Most Merciful. Allah promises His servants that so long they keep seeking Allah's forgiveness, He will continue to forgive them till they finally see the angel of death knocking at their door.
(3:133) And hasten to the forgiveness of your Lord and to a Paradise as vast as the heavens and the earth, prepared for the God-fearing.

So, we must always repent and ask forgiveness when we sin or do something against the Divine commandments, and must not delay in doing so for Devil within may prompt us to delay it for better times and may lure us into more sinful activities. 

* Please read more on forgiveness/Repentance in our post on Selected Verses from Qur'an.

You may now watch an enlightening video below on the subject by one of the most eminent scholars of present times, Mufti Menk:
Ismail ibn Musa Menk (إسماعيل إبن موسى منك), generally known as Mufti Menk (born 27 June 1975), is a Zimbabwean Islamic Scholar. He is widely known internationally. Menk has been named one of The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the world by the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought in Jordan in 2013, 2014 and 2017.

وَمَا عَلَيۡنَاۤ اِلَّا الۡبَلٰغُ الۡمُبِيۡنُ‏ 
(36:17) and our duty is no more than to clearly convey the Message.”
That is our duty to convey only to you the message that Allah has entrusted us with. Then it is for you to accept it or reject it. We have not been made responsible for making you accept it forcibly, and if you do not accept it, we shall not be seized in consequence of your disbelief, you will yourselves be answerable for your actions on Day of Resurrection.

May Allāh (سبحانه و تعالى‎) help us understand Qur'ān and help us to act upon the commandments of Allah contained therein. May Allah help us to be like the ones He loves and let our lives be lived helping others and not making others' lives miserable or unlivable. May all our wrong doings, whether intentional or unintentional, be forgiven before the angel of death knocks on our door. 

May Allah forgive me if my posts ever imply a piety far greater than I possess. I am most in need of guidance.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the video above are those of the scholar concerned. We have shared this view as added information in better understanding of Islam. The reader may or may not agree with the view owing to their own perception. If anyone differs with the material contained in this post, one may consult the references and their authors.  If someone has more material about the subject, he/she is most welcome to share in the comments box to make the post all encompassing.

For more Scholarly views and videos, please read our reference page: Scholars' Viewpoint on Important Issues Related to Islam. You may also refer to our Reference Pages for knowing more about Islam and Quran.
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