Sunday 30 June 2019

Revert Experience of a Paranormal Activity Investigator

The word Islam means voluntary “submission” or “surrender” to the Will of of one and only One Allah, without attributing anyone else with Him. This is the monotheistic concept we the Muslims believe in. 

Islam derives from the root word “salam,” meaning peace. Islam is in nutshell is about man since eternity to eternity. It is about how a man should follow a path that guides him to live a life of truth as spelt out very clearly by the Master of the Universe in His Divine scripture The Holy Qur'an. And that is the reason, every day more and more people who ponder over the real meaning of life are turning towards Islam and reverting to the very true meaning of life.

The main purpose of my blog, when I started it, was to know, and in the process tell others, why people of other faith revert to Islam. I have been sharing the revert experience every now and then, and the experiences are really revealing. And today's experience is one of the very special for a brother found an answer in the Holy Quran which he could not otherwise.

Today's revert experience is an amazing story of the known Paranormal Activity Investigator Brother Michael Hallowell who spent years investigating the paranormal activities and he worked with the police on cases related to these things. 

One day he came across a case where he witnessed an invisible being stalking a family in their home and couldn't solve the case. It was then a Muslim friend of his son recommended him to read about the "Jinn" beings from the Noble Qur'an. Hit against the corner, he thought to give it a try. And when he started the relevant portions of the Holy Qur'an, specifically the Surah Jinn the 72nd chapter of Islam. he was amazed to find how the Noble Qur'an perfectly explained all his questions about those paranormal activities he's been wondering about for long time.

This made him realize that none except Allah could unveil the secret behind these otherwise invisible beings called Jinn.  This was enough to convince about the truth he has always been looking for and converted to Islam. His reversion sat in a chain reaction in his family where members of his family started converting one after another, his father of 73 being the first one.

Watch the video below in which brother Michael Hallowell explains his revert experience:
I am sure such sharing of revert experience would provide a cue to others who are half way in deciding and taking their ultimate decision to accept Islam. Please read all such revert experiences I have already shared and find the truth yourself. I assure you in Islam you will find the peace of mind that no other faith can provide.

Give it a try!!

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