Tuesday 2 July 2019

Understanding Islam: Responsibilities of a Muslim towards the Society

The main focus of the Holy Qur'an is the man - a man of the household, a man with a neighbourhood, a man in the street crowded with other men, a man as part of a clan, a man living in a community or a society, a man as part of the total population of the country or man as part of the mankind. Wherever the man may be, his personal traits matter, his beliefs, his faith and aspiration matter for it is these basic traits of his radiate his personality and his aspirations around him which may mean a positive impact on his surroundings if his aspirations are positive.

Thus Islam, which is called Deen, more than a religion, teaches man the true faith, give him a belief in one God without any associates, and whole set of instructions how to live a meaningful life. This means the entire focus of Islam homes on to character building of man for it is he who is expected to self cultivate the positivity into his surroundings, right from his own family to the entire society or clan.

Thus if a man has been brought up under the ambit of Islam and has amassed wisdom based on the Divine Guidance as contained in the Holy Quran and following the lifestyle of the last of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he is more than likely to create an environment conducive for others to learn and shape their character and morals. 

This is exactly the philosophy of Islam: If every man self cultivates faith and beliefs as required of him and builds up a high fiber of morals, the cumulative effect would result into a homogeneous society with men radiating positivity and bringing peace and harmony in the society.  By living a life as expected of him as a Muslim and a true believer, there will be:
  • Truthfulness and honesty all around
  • Every individual will respect others and society will radiate healthy outward signs and rays of hope
  • Caring for the have-nots as every morally upright man will not let a children of a lesser god to die of hunger or shiver in cold
  • Equal distribution of wealth or at least dishing out one's extra to others who who cannot meet their two ends meet
  • Building up an environment in which our children grow taking aspirations from the radiating milieu and building up the next generation of men to carry on the torch of Islam.
Last but not the least "sharing knowledge" about Islam with others. Many around us are not literate and need to be guided towards the true essence of Islam. Instead of letting them get inspiration from peers and so called religious mentors doing business rather than serving Islam, those who have read about Islam must come forth and help others learn by sharing knowledge and wisdom based on Divine Guidance and Sunnah of the Prophet of Allah.
This is just a thought that came to my mind and thought of sharing with my readers. The subject can be built up to an enormous length if everyone ponders over it and adds positive input.

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