Tuesday 12 February 2019

Significance of Rights of Allah and Man in Islam

Man has been created by Allah and blessed with countless blessings and bounties to live a comfortable life so that man is obliged to his Creator and thank Him for everything that He has bestowed upon him to live a happy and contended life. He alone is our is the creator, nurture, sustainer, provider, protector and at no time we should be turning away from Him in thanking for his bounties and repenting for our sins and for digressing from the commandments of Allah.

However, at the same time we have obligations towards other men around us as we live in a society, heavily dependent on each other to live a happy life. We thus have rights over them and to them. While we always vie to claim for our rights, how often we are actually willing to care for the rights of others that they expect of us in return? This is something that we must be very careful about for if we hurt someone or usurp someone's rights, even if we realize later and repent to Allah, we shall not be forgiven unless that person who has been victim of our wrongdoing has forgiven us.

Thus we must understand the criticality of our rights towards Allah and man. As for Allah, He is oft forgiving and in fact expects man to repent and beg forgiveness so that He who is Ar Rahman (The Most Gracious) and Ar Raheem (The Most Merciful) should forgive us. If someone commits a sin, regarding the rights of Allah, it may be undone with the help of repentance whenever someone realizes one's mistake. 

But in case of wrong being done to a human being, Allah may not forgive even if a repentance is made in most earnest way for as long as the person who has been wronged has not forgiven. That is why Islam emphasizes on the rights in respect of others more we must be very careful in dealing with others and trying our utmost not to willfully hurt or usurp others rights, for if someone cries out to Allah in pain dealt to him by another, Allah promptly listen and responds. So let us be very watchful as regards rights of others to save ourselves from wrath of Allah both in this world and the hereafter.

As regards to usurping rights of others, the Prophet of Allah (ﷺ) has been quoted as saying:
So the one who behaved badly, his righteous deeds will be given to the one who was scolded, cheated, who was killed, and who was hit. If his righteous deeds finish, then angels will be asked to take the sins of those who were scolded, cheated who were killed and given to the one who oppressed. And by doing so the sins of oppressor exceed his own goods, he will be thrown into hell fire.
Please watch the video below by Professor Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, a Pakistani Muslim theologian, Quran scholar, Islamic modernist, exegete and educationist, on the subject. The video is in Urdu, but has English subtitles for those who cannot understand Urdu:
May Allah forgive us of all omissions that we have made with regard to rights towards Allah and man, for we will be too fragile on the Say of Judgement to be forgiven if we weigh less on the scale of forgiveness. Aameen.

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