Tuesday 4 June 2019

Five Most Favoured Sunnah of the Prophet of Allah on Eid Day

Alhamdolillah, the month of Ramadan, the month of fasting has come to an end and in some prats of the world the Eid ul Fitr is being observed today, while others will celebrate it tomorrow. A very Happy Eid to all our readers around the world.

The first thing on the Eid Day is to get ready for the Eid prayers which are generally held at large open spaces around small towns and villages or in many mosques in big cities and town. to begin this day of happiness and festivities, let us begin it the way the Prophet of Allah did so as to add to more spice to our preparations and follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The five most favoured sunnah of the Prophet of Allah include:
  • Recite Takbir
  • Taking Ghusl / full bath
  • Eat something, preferably a few dates as the Prophet of Allah used to
  • Attend the Eid prayers and greet as many Muslims as possible after the Eid Prayers by  embracing known or even unknown Muslims
  • Take a different route home
These simple five Sunnahs are best described in the video below. Scroll down to see the video.

Watch in informative video on the subject:
Happy Eid to all my readers around the world !!

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