Sunday 11 November 2018

Alhamdulillah - Summaries of 50 Surahs / Chapter of Holy Quran Completed

Alhamdulillah (Praise be to Allah), with the publishing of Surah Nuh (Noah), today we have completed publishing summaries of 50 surahs / chapter of the Holy Qur'an - a great milestone for us and for all those who supported and read our blog regularly and encouraged us to make it more responsive and resourceful.

We started this blog on 13th April 2018 initially to share personal experiences of non Muslims embracing Islam and the reasons why left their faith of both or previous faith. The more we posted, more wiser we got that everyone embracing Islam was in search of the truth - the absolute truth that is embodiment in the religion of Islam.

As the blog progressed, we also started to share many diverse subjects related to Islam, contradictions with other religions to dispel the disinformation spread at a number of religious related sites. We also included subjects like women in Islam, questions and answers that non Muslims seek, life of the prophets with detailed account of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), His companions and the living a life according to the tenets of Islam.

However, we think the big contribution of ours has been presenting the summary of each of 114 surahs / chapters of the Holy Qur'an. It is generally not possible to read the reference to the context of revelation of each surah and details of many verse which otherwise may not be understood by the non Arabic speaking Muslims. Therefore an effort has been made to incorporate explanation / exegeses from authentic sources without indulging into specific alienation to various sects of Islam, for our purpose is to present Islam as is mostly practiced by the majority of Muslims around the world.

We started off from the 30th Part / Juz of the Qur'an and are going backward for a reason. Most of the surah in the later part of Qur'an are those which were revealed unto Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in his early days of proclamation of Islam in Makkah. These early surahs, being shorter, provide a base to those with a desire to accept Islam as these contain Allah's Divine message to the non believers. 

So far the five most read posts of our blog have been:
The more lengthier and elaborate surahs were generally revealed in Madina after Prophet's immigration from Makkah when the pagans of Makkah made his life unlivable due to their hostility to the religion of Islam.

 We hope, In Sha Allah (God willing) to complete the summary of all remaining 64 verses in time for now were progressing towards lengthier surahs winch take time to compile by consulting many sources for it is a SOLO EFFORT. Please pray for me that Allah may bless me strength to complete the summary of the remaining portion of the Qur'an and then continuing to expand the knowledge base by incorporating other related subjects to continuously enlarge and enrich this blog in substance. 

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